Why Don’t Clients Use 100% of My Services? Part 2

By Sonia Dumas | Client Experience

client experience

Ignorance is not bliss.
It will undermine your ability to attract and retain the best clients, as well as upgrade your clients to elevated levels of service.

Chances are many of your clients are ignorant to the full extent of your services. Just placing a list of services on your website is not enough. Nor is the corporate brochure or the “service” page in your powerpoint presentation enough.

It’s your job to consistently place strategic reminders in the minds of your clients regarding your full suite of services. Tact, decorum, and class with how you do this will separate you from salesy competitors who just bombard clients with yet another sales pitch.

Here are a few ways you can make these reminders without making your clients feel like you’re trying to sell them something:

  1. Subtly reminders in your newsletter through storytelling.
  2. A hardcopy of your services presented in a beautifully designed package. The better the design, the more likely it will stay on the shelf and out of the trash.
  3. During your next call, provide an example of a recent moment where a client used an upgraded services and the impact it made.
  4. If possible, offer a trial run of an upgraded service. Ensure the trial is long enough to show the value and impact the service has made. Avoid making discounts, as you’ll be perceived as negotiable, which ultimately commoditizes your practice.

Your existing clients are your best source of future business. It’s your job to gently remind them there is more value and elevated experiences in-store when they’re ready for it.

Let them decide when they want to upgrade, don’t try to force a sale. Your goal to be an advisor and guide. No pushing, no selling, no sounding desperate and needy. Just gently remind in a variety ways.

If you need help developing a full client journey that encourages prospects to become clients – which encourages clients to use 100% of your services – which leads them to easily refer you business, our Penthaus Method™ can help you streamline.

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