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The Problem - There are many moving parts to growing a business. In our digitally connected world, the business development part is fractured, overwhelming and frustrating to manage on top of delivering your core services.

General marketers focus on selling digital-only services which provide less than half of the actual services required to grow a successful firm.

We've developed a method that integrates digital, print, and human-touch to elevate your business development tactics from selling into building competitor-proof client relationships.

We help free up your time and so you can restore balance to your life.  If growth is the destination, The Penthaus Method™ will help you get there.

 Branding & Marketing Strategy

We start by developing a strategic customer journey that positions your company on the right online and offline media platforms to build trust, visibility, and engagement with your ideal client.

We review and fine-tune your customer journey to ensure processes are in place to educate and guide the prospect towards an investment commitment.

Lastly we craft strategies towards maximizing the lifetime value of new and existing clients by developing retention and referral campaigns to create an evergreen book of business.  All this strategic work, paired with the right tactics, is what drives growth.

Search Engine Maximization

Page one of Google is where your competitors capture your prospects all day long. Which page is your company currently on?

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial discipline that's constantly evolving. Once your marketing hourglass strategy is designed, we research the best ways to achieve first page search engine rankings for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry and clients.

Social Media Engagement

Social media campaigns are meant to educate and inspire your clients. It will add another layer of trust and humanity to your company's image.

The art to social media is about being where your clients are. The best-curated campaigns focus on select platforms that amplify their stories well. Being everywhere is a resource draining exercise for those who do not know where their clients digitally reside.

Brand & Website Design

A luxe website that does not produce a steady flow of quality prospects is like a Tesla without the battery - beautifully going nowhere.

Branded websites are the second-most-trusted advertising format, after recommendations from friends and family. Your website's primary function is to teach your prospects that buying well means your company is the best choice. Design with your prospects and clients in mind.

We work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Hubspot websites.

Digital Advertising

Amplify your brand reach with highly targeted digital ads that display where your customers digitally work and play as a part of your overall strategy.

Did you know that in North America, only 37%-49% of consumers fully or partially trusts online ads (Nielsens). Before heavily investing in digital ad campaigns, ensure it's the right tactic for your niche. Only then should you invest in re-targeted and geo-targeted campaigns that inspire action and curiosity towards your website.

Reputation Management

Poor reviews are expensive, permanent and another reason for prospects to give their business to your competitors.

Online reviews rank as one of the Top 5 sources of trusted information for prospects. Your digital reputation is a direct reflection of your service, quality, and culture.

Proactive reputation management is about ensuring rave reviews are featured prominently and negative reviews are mitigated before they go viral. Customer service is truly the new marketing.

Content Marketing

Content is the currency of the internet. It drives search engine optimization, relevance, curiosity, authority, and your buyer's decisions. This includes blogs, emails,  digital newsletters, and print publications.

Each piece of content must resonate with meaning, quality and consistencey in order to attract and engage an already inattentive audience. 

Public Relations

By accessing our network of journalists and influencers, your news will receive the best organic visibility possible.
Your news will go to premium search engines and news outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, and more through the Associated Press.

Highly target your distribution by selecting the regions you want to reach and impact.

Haus Videos

Sometimes static words and pictures aren't enough to communicate a message. Incorporating video into your content strategy is vital to increasing engagement and social sharing. Just for fun, here's a video we created to remind you of a marketing principal.

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